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Service Agreements

Your air conditioning system is much like your car – both are mechanical systems that require consistent and regular maintenance. You change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles because it helps keep your car running safely and reliably. Much like your car, your air conditioning system must be cared for throughout its life in order for it to continue keeping you comfortable inside your home efficiently and effectively. If you were to get in your car and drive it for 2,500 hours at 55 miles per hour, you would put 137,500 miles on your odometer and changed the oil 45 times. Well, the average family “drives” their home comfort system an average of 2,500 hours per year … at full speed! With all that stress put on your comfort system, you can see why it’s a good idea to have your air conditioner tune up at least once a year.

Few dispute that air conditioning tune-ups save you money. The question then becomes, “How Much?” A recent empirical study performed by Louisiana State University, underwritten by a grant from a utility company, sought to answer that very question. The study found that a comprehensive air conditioning tune-up saved the average home $32.76 per month during the cooling season.

Consider purchasing a service plan, particularly if it combines cooling and heating functions. A plan may allow the service technician to spot problems before they lead to a breakdown. You may also get discounts on repairs and receive priority service – which could be a blessing should your cooling system break down during a heat wave.

What are the benefits of owning an “Energy Savings Agreement”

Peace of mind – Scheduled at your convenience, two annual inspections to check and adjust your air conditioning and heating systems will ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency and will spot potential problems before they cause you any inconvenience.

Lowers utility bills – by reducing energy consumption

Proper  maintenance means your equipment is operation at peak efficiency.

Extended equipment life – Regular maintenance and service extends the life of your equipment and keeps it operating at its designed efficiency while prolonging the life of your equipment.

Improved system capacity and efficiency

Priority customer status means that you’re first in line to someone who does not own an “Energy Savings Agreement”

HUGE discounts on service, repair and replacement

Price is protected against inflation

Planed budget – Blue Phoenix Mechanical’s fixed pricing allows budgeting in advance for maintenance service, labor and parts. One charge … NO hidden expenses.

1 year repair warranty on all repairs performed by Blue Phoenix Mechanical

Maintains safe and healthy operation  –  Ensure that your air conditioning and heating system is operating effectively and not putting your family in harms way.

Improves dependability – Having your air conditioning system serviced and tuned up regularly drastically reduces the chances of you system breaking down during the hot days of summer.

Spring and Fall Maintenance Inspections – Blue Phoenix will schedule around your schedule the most convenient time to perform your air conditioning tune up.

Comprehensive annual maintenance for your comfort system.

What takes place during your “Energy Savings Agreement” tune up and why it is a value to you to have it performed on your air conditioning system.

Condensing Coil Cleaned
Value to you: Dirty condensing coils raise refrigerant pressures higher then needed, increasing your electric bill.

Refrigerant Charge Checked
Value to you: A low or high refrigerant charge can easily go unnoticed and operating costs and reduce comfort. An improper charge can cause compressor failure. Up to 1 lbs. of R-22 refrigerant will be added if necessary.

Air Filter Replace  (Home owner supplies filters)
Value to you: A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioner to waste energy and shorten the life of your compressor.

Belts and Pulleys Inspected and Adjusted (if applicable)
Value to you: Loose belts and worn pulleys decrease air flow, increase operating cost and shorten compressor life. Belts crack and break with age.

Lubrication of Motors and Bearings (if applicable)
Value to you: Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will fail rapidly.

Thermostat Checked and Calibrated
Value to you: Improperly calibrated thermostats allow the air conditioning unit to run longer than necessarily. Every degree your air conditioner operates below optimal settings can add 5% to 8% to the total cost of cooling your home.

Controls and Safety Switches Inspected
Value to you: Malfunctioning capacitors can quickly lead to compressor and motor failure

Motors Inspected
Value to you: Check the motor bearings to ensure there is no play in the bearings which will lead to motor failure

Capacitors Inspected and Tested
Value to you: Malfunctioning capacitors can quickly lead to compressor and motor failure.

Condensate Drain Line Inspected and Cleaned
Value to you: Dust, Dirt and debris can plug a condensate drain, capable of causing expensive water damage

Crankcase Heater For Proper Operation
Value to you: Crankcase heaters that do not function properly can lead to compressor failure during the winter months.

Relays, Contactors, Stat Kits and Transformers
Value to you: Worn contactors and loose wire connections can lead to motor or compressor failure and electrical shorts

Unit Electrical Disconnects and Fuses Inspected
Value to you:  A worn or over heated disconnect can cause a fuse to blow and become dangerous and failure to the air conditioning system.

Unit Wiring and Electrical Inspected and Tightened
Value to you: Loose connections can lead to motor and compressor failure and electrical shorts

Temperature  Split and Performance Checked
Value to you: A difference in the temperatures taken from the return air and the supply air where the difference temperature spilt should range anywhere between 18* t0 25*.

Duct Work Visually Inspected
Value to you: Leaks in your duct system can dramatically increase your homes energy consumption and your monthly energy bill.

Heat Exchanger Inspected For Cracks
Value to you: Heat exchangers can develop cracks with age. If they exist, there is a risk of serious illness from toxic fumes emitted.

Check Compressor Operation
Value to you: Inspecting the performance and check the electrical make up of the compressor to detour any future break downs.

Check Reversing Valve and Coil
Value to you: A bad reversing valve would mean the air conditioning system would stay in either heating or cooling

Inspect Low Voltage Wiring
Value to you: Low voltage wiring will need to be redone after years exposed to the elements.

Test Super Heat and Sub Cooling
Value to you: These two simple tests will determine if you air conditioning system is operating in its peak efficient and out putting the optimal amount of cold air.

Inspect The Return and Supply Plenum
Value to you: Air leaks in you ducting system waste energy at the cost of the home owner.

Inspect The Evaporator Coil (when applicable)
Value to you: The slightest amount of debris and dust on the indoor coil will dramatically decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Inspect The Blower Motor
Value to you: A dirty or unbalanced indoor blower motor drastically reduces the amount of air flow being produced and will conclude in the shorter life span of the blower motor.

Monitor The Voltage and Amperage
Value to you: By monitoring these two forms of electrical measurements. A complete evaluation of how the air conditioning system is performing and if any possible future malfunctions are soon coming.

Evaluate The Efficiency of the Equipment
Value to you: By inspecting the whole running condition of the air conditioning unit by using all of the above criteria, a full and detailed analysis of the air condition system can be determined.

Provide a Detailed Report For The Home Owner
Value to you: By providing and reviewing a complete and detail breakdown of the complete air conditioning system, many if not all problems that may occur during the hot summer months can be caught and prevented to ensure that you system operates when it is needed most.

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